Artical Title Edarnhow


Article and edit

I am typing this in the content window.

The cobble stone image is not in this content window,

it is from the images and links Tab and is a Full Article Image.

The links above this content box are also on the Images and Links tab.

The Article is titled Edarnhow and its category is Photography.

Using the images and links tab, I have tried to add an intro Image but it does not show up.

There are 3 flower banners above the Edarnhow title. are not part of this content window.

I think these are modules.

One has a link to a login page.

the logo is not part of the content window.

The content tab has this big text box that I am typing in and has its own edit, insert, view,

format, table and tool dropdown menu options.

There are other option to kinda like MS word. Center, left bold Italic.

Below the text box there are options like article, image page break, and a read more.

I used the image button to add this picture below of a mushroom.

 There is even a toggle editor button that reveals all the html code in this text box

and even the link to the mushroom image.